Batiks – Haralson Belt Bag

Hello, my name is Julia, and this is my first time using Batiks. Yes, I said it. This is my first time ever using Batiks. And guess what? I think I’m totally hooked!

Seriously, I don’t know if I want to use any other fabric…EVER! Just kidding. Kind of.

When I saw the brand new Haralson Belt Bag pattern by Noodle-Head (found HERE) I knew I had to make it. I have multiple young adult kids with allergies serious enough they need to carry around inhalers and epi pens. They always have a fanny pack or cross body bag with them, so I thought I’d try this pattern to add to their mix of bag options. Um, I LOVE it!

I used these gorgeous new Expressions Batiks from Riley Blake Designs. I’ve always been a little hesitant about Batiks. The designs can get a little…busy…and for that reason they didn’t seem to fit with my aesthetic, which is a little more modern. But, you guys, I take back all of my skeptical thoughts! I’m now totally and completely hooked. From bottom to top: Elementals Turmeric, Elementals Guava, Elementals Mediterranean, Tjaps Camel.

The fabrics are hand died, so each batch might be a little different from the other. Unlike machine printed fabric, the dye permeates through to all of the fibers, so there is no wrong side — both sides have the same design on them. This also means that the colors are super rich and deep, and textural. Mmmhmmm, I’m already planning my next project with Batiks!

I decided to use a deep green waxed canvas for the flap to add a bit of texture and contrast to the busy prints. I purchased all of the leather and hardware from the Noodle-Head website. I love the aged brass hardware with the soft green leather.

For the orange/Guava print bag, I used this yummy Turmeric print for the lining.

I used coordinating yellow zippers for the two zipper pockets, and a dusty, stone gray webbing for the straps. This outside pocket is definitely going to come in handy!

Here’s a closer look at the Mediterranean print. Isn’t that blue gorgeous?! Again, I used the green waxed canvas for the flap. I switched up the leather and hardware here — silver hardware and brown leather.

The bag also features an inside pocket. I’m so glad she included two separate pockets for all of the little loose items I’ll be carrying around. The Tjaps Camel lining fabric became a fast favorite of mine. I love the strong contrast and the bold design. It reminds me of abstract dandelion flowers.

I didn’t photograph this green print with the other fabrics, but I ended up using it for the pockets on both bags. I love including a surprise fabric in the pockets. This Shamrock fabric is so bright and saturated, it makes me smile each time I unzip the pockets.

Here is the finished bag. LOVE this fabric/hardware combination!

I can’t wait to start on my next Batiks project! I feel so inspired, and I have so many ideas swimming around in my head!

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