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Bee Happy Sew Along With Lori Holt

It’s time! Today marks Day 1 of Lori Holt’s much anticipated Bee Happy Sew Along! We will be learning Lori’s applique tips and techniques for three blocks today. The Tulip Pot block above, the Two Trees and the Sunshine blocks are all covered in step-by-step instructions on Lori’s blog. Click HERE to visit Lori’s blog,…

Bee Happy Sew Along: More Pieced Blocks

Lori Holt’s Bee Happy Sew Along is scheduled to begin August 28th, but if you’re like us, it’s soooo hard to wait that long! Happy news! Lori is giving us a little head start with some quick tutorials for putting together the pieced blocks in her quilt pattern. Aren’t these cute? The Bee Happy Quilt…

Bee Happy Sew Along Guide is HERE!

We’re always up for a Lori Holt sew along, because no one but Lori can bring us so much cuteness and variety, while challenging us to learn new techniques and tricks along the way. Hold onto your seats because this sew along really takes the cake! One look at this quilt and you know you’re…