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Homespun Halloween Table Topper

Skeletons, skulls, witch hats and ghosts….sounds like the stuff of horror films, right? Not if you are the talented fabric designer, Carina Gardner! Carina’s Eek Boo Shriek fabric collection incorporates all of the Halloween icons and colors, but with a decidedly subtle and sophisticated flair! Amanda, from Material Girl Quilts, is sharing this charming Homespun…

Majestic Outdoors 10 Minute Dorm Room Decor

Have you seen the Penny Rose Majestic Outdoors panels? These are a.may.zing. Seriously. Digitally printed for optimum detail and vibrancy, the majestic outdoors panels pack a big punch! This gorgeous eagle panel is from the initial release of Majestic Outdoors, and features a soaring eagle against a truly majestic Rocky Mountain backdrop. These panels are…