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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks – Gears Quilt

Hi Makers! It’s Lisa Jo of Neverlandstitches back with another project. I was fortunate to work with Mattel’s licensed Hot Wheels Monster Trucks collection to create the Gears quilt. Under the hood of every good monster good are the gears in the engine that make it go.

Hot Wheels were such an important part of imaginary play for my brother, myself and my friends growing up. The love of Hot Wheels as passed along to my son and grandson. Having worked for so many years at the head quarters of an automaker, I was fortunate to actually work with and become friends with some of the amazing and creative designers behind some of the iconic American vehicles. In my longarm room is still an entire wall filled with hot wheels in their original packages (some may have the designers’ signatures on them).

This fun quilt is supposed to simulate the inner workings of the gears inside the engine of a monster truck by mixing up various twists on a churn dash and using the red, blue, orange and graffiti prints from Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Truck Collection.

If you’s like to make your own version of the Gears Quilt, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

For more inspiration, follow me on instagram @neverlandstitches, my blog Neverlandstitches, or on Pinterest.

Until next time…I hope you always find something around you that inspires your creativity…

Lisa Jo Girodat

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