How to Sew a Planner Zipper Pouch – Video Tutorial

New Year, New Planner! (New Planner Case)

Hello again! Riley Blake fabric designer Tara Reed of here again with my latest sewing project. While I love digital tools, sometimes I just want to go old school and use a pen and paper. I recently got a new disc bound planner so I can add notes, folders with projects I’m in the middle of or trying to organize and more.

On my calendar I started using different colors of pens to note different social media posts I wanted to create and schedule. Basically bullet journaling meets planner life and they fall in love. ❤️

This left me with a new issue: how to find the pretty pens when I wanted them and not have them all over my desk!

The solution: a Planner Zipper Pouch

Tara Reed holder her planner and new zipper case

I’ve put together written instructions as well as a video tutorial so you can make a Planner Zipper Case too – in the exact size you want, that will fit whatever size planner you have.

The fabrics used are February prints from the Monthly Placemat Program by Riley Blake Designs. Ask for them where you love to buy fabric.

In this tutorial, I use 8″ x 8″ squares of fabric and fusible fleece. My finished cases ended up 7 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ without fusible fleece and 7″ x 3 3/4″ with. You can adjust your initial fabric size if you want a different size case in the end.

If you prefer written instructions with photos you can download the pdf with no strings attached (no email opt-in, etc)

Happy Sewing!

✏️ Tara Reed

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