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Completed Yellowstone Quilt

National Parks – What do I do with a quilt panel?

Hi! It’s Jen Belnap from The Smitten Chicken and I am so excited about the project I will be sharing with you today. I love visiting National Parks so when I saw this fabric line, I knew I had to create something!

Yellowstone Panel supplies
Yellowstone panel with accent fabrics

The panels in this fabric line are stunning. The Anderson Design Group did an awesome job with the panels. I think quilt panels are sew much fun. But I often get asked, ‘what do I do with this quilt panel?’ I designed a fun and modern quilt pattern that will showcase any quilt panel! You can purchase this pattern here. And I was excited to make a Yellowstone version of my NYC Quilt pattern.

Completed Yellowstone Quilt
Completed Yellowstone Quilt

You may not know this about me, but I grew up in West Yellowstone, Montana. I spent a lot of time visiting Yellowstone National Park. I think that is why it will always be my favorite. I never get tired of watching Old Faithful erupt and seeing all of the wildlife in the park. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is also one of my favorites. The last time I went to Yellowstone National Park, we went out to Yellowstone Lake just as the sun was setting. It was magical. Can you see why I chose the Yellowstone Panel? Have you ever been to Yellowstone?

NP Postcard Backing
NP Postcard Backing

The Anderson Design Group created an amazing National Park postcard panel. I decided to use it as a backing for my quilt. It was fun to see which National Parks we have been to as a family and which ones we need to still go visit!

I also LOVE the fabric that goes with this fabric line. If you look really close, the navy blue flying geese are actually little signs you would see in a National Park like a little tent or a parking sign. The green fabric is such a pretty shade of green. The pattern on it looks like a topographic map. This fabric was sew much fun to work with.

Close up backing NP
NP Postcards Close-up

And of course, I had to do a close-up of the Yellowstone National Park postcard. I seriously love this so much!

Finished NP with backing
Finished Yellowstone Quilt

Yellowstone National Park is full of pine trees. So when I was choosing a quilting pattern, I wanted something that reminded me of the trees found all throughout the park. My long-arm quilter Amber of SunRae Designs used the pattern Timber. She quilted it in record time and I was so happy with how this pattern turned out. Now I have my pines in Yellowstone!

Yellowstone finished quilt
Yellowstone NP

I absolutely LOVED working on this project. It brought back so many wonderful memories of being in Yellowstone as a child. Thanks for letting me share it with you today! And don’t forget, if you want to make this quilt, you can find my quilt pattern here.

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