Strawberry Biscuit Pillow Top


Good morning, it’s Anorina here from the blog Samelia’s Mum. I’ve been a lucky girl, playing with the sweet new fabric range by Elea Lutz called Strawberry Biscuit. I’ve already made an EPP pillow with this fabric range (click here to read about it, and to download the free pattern). Today, I’m sharing another Strawberry Biscuit pillow with you. I hope you like it 🙂

Strawberry Biscuit has a few “cheater” prints, which at first, I wasn’t sure how I’d incorporate into a project, but I then, I had one of those light-bulb moments. These prints are just perfect for this 9-patch & snowball design.
To create this 18″ Strawberry Biscuit pillow top, you will need:
F8’s of Biscuit Cheater Blue, Green and Pink
(4) 6.5″ squares – white solid
(16) 2.5″ squares – yellow gingham
1. Decide on the 9 prints squares in the cheater print you will use and cut 1/4″ outside of the 9 squares block (refer to image below). Cut 5 of these blocks.
2. Draw a line diagonally across the back of the yellow print squares. Position and sew directly on the line, (4) on each corner of each white square (refer to the image below).
3. Use a ruler and rotary cutter, to cut 1/4″ outside of each sewn line. Flip the print fabric over and press to blocks.
4. When you have created all 4 snowball blocks, lay them out on a flat surface with the cheater print blocks. Sew the blocks together to create 3 rows of 3 blocks. Press and trim if necessary.
5. The pillow top is now complete. You can now decide how to quilt the top and finish off the pillow. I decided to layer some batting on the back, spray baste it and then sew straight lines across the cheater prints to give the appearance of pieced patchwork (image below).
I then quilted an “echo” within the white blocks, just following the edge of the seam with my presser foot, and continuing all of the way around and around and around.
I then created an envelope style back to finish my 18″ pillow and then attached the binding (as I would when finishing a quilt).
I used F8 size cheater pieces to create this pillow, but can you imagine how quickly and easily a 9-patch and snowball combination quilt would come together? The possibilities are just endless.
I hope you enjoyed this pillow tutorial, incorporating the Strawberry Biscuit Cheater Prints and if you create a pillow like this one, please be sure to tag me on social media #SameliasMum
Happy Sewing,
Anorina @SameliasMum