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2022 Building Blocks – Sarah’s Choice + Final Quilt!

We can’t believe the day has come! It’s time to make our last block and complete our quilt! Today we’re stitching up block 9 of 9 of our Building Blocks series. Wondering what Building Blocks was all about?

Our last block is the Sarah’s Choice block. This block is a good one to practice getting your points to match up. We are sewing with our new Dapple Dot basic. This block features the colors Frosting & Sugar Pink.

If you want to get a few tricks to make this block easier and more precise, be sure to watch Cindy’s tutorial below! Looking for a printable pattern? Click HERE!

Now that we have our final block stitched up, it’s time to assemble our quilt top! Check out Cindy’s video below to walk you through step-by-step.

We loved spending this series of Building Blocks with you! What do you think? Should we go for a season 3?!

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