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Tree Ornament

Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial


I am so happy to be at Riley Blake today sharing my Scrappy Christmas Tree tutorial with you. My fabric scrap baskets are overflowing so I have been on a huge scrap busting crusade. That’s kind of how I came up with these cute scrappy trees.


Supplies needed:

  • Green fabric scraps (at least 3.5″ x 1″)
  • Solid green fabric for the back of the trees (at least 3.5″ x 5″)
  • some kind of batting for stability (I used leftover white flannel.)
  • small yellow buttons
  • 1″ Brown grosgrain ribbon (for the stem)
  • 1/4″ white ribbon (for the ornament loop)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors


Step #1: Cut fabric Cut all the green scraps to 3.5″ x 1.5″. Cut solid green and batting to 3.5 ” x 5″.


Step #2: Sew the strips together Sew the green strips together one at a time. You don’t need to worry about straight lines…every seasoned sewist just gasped. I didn’t lay the pieces together perfectly because I want that “wonky” and scrappy look.


Step #3: Layer all the pieces Lay the scrappy strip piece on a piece of flannel. Then add the solid green to the back with right side facing out.


Step #4: Draw the tree Grab a ruler and a pencil draw to sides of the triangle tree.



Step #5: Sew the tree Sew about 1/8″ inch in from the pencil lines you just drew.


Step #6: Trim the tree (<—did you see what I did there?) Trim the extra fabric off the tree by cutting on the pencil line. Although you didn’t sew the bottom of the tree, trim off any extra. Basically make a pretty triangle.


Step #7: Add the trunk Cut a small piece of brown grosgrain and slip a 1/4″ under the batting at the bottom of the tree. Then sew entire bottom of the tree shut.


Step #8: Add finishing touches. Create a loop with the white ribbon and sew it to the top of the tree in the front. Glue or hand-sew the little yellow button on top of the ribbon.


Now you have a darling little fabric scrap Christmas Tree. You can add them to the Christmas tree or use them to decorate presents. You could also string a lot of them together and create a banner or garland. Seriously, endless possibilities.


Come visit U Create for many more sewing and crafting tutorials. We love to see what YOU create using our fun tutorials. When you make these cute little trees, share a picture with us on our Facebook page or tag us on instagram (@ucreateblog).