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Collection Preview – White as Snow

The White As Snow art is a mix of original watercolors by J. Wecker Frisch and her collection of vintage ephemera collectibles. Computer filters were used to distress the snowman images digitally to give a ‘machine-washed’ effect suitable for the overall theme of the wintry group.

Tying in the familiar title phrase chosen in Janet’s typical tradition from scripture, helped to drive home the artist’s visual message. Psalm 51:7 and Isaiah 1:18 both especially timely, suited this pure-as-the-driven-snow collection!

White as Snow Panel by J. Wecker Frisch
Snowy Soap Patch Panel

We are expecting White as Snow to arrive in June 2023! Already dreaming of what you’ll create with it? Be sure to check with your favorite local or online quilt shop to see if they will be stocking this collection! Are you a shop owner? White as Snow is available for wholesale orders now!


J. Wecker Frisch

The art of J Wecker Frisch through her company, Great Joy Studio, has been translated to over a million yards of high quality cotton fabrics. Janet’s diverse collections and unique approach to fabric design has inspired makers around the world.

Janet’s childhood fascination with characters inspires a story-telling quality and a depth of detail, offering the viewer a journey of continued discovery. Janet’s engaging body of work includes three identifiable elements – visual humor, heartfelt messaging and relatable images. Each watercolor-rendered piece is a short story that conveys a big message with compelling and concise imagery.

Janet recently moved into a new studio built near her home, well outside of a small town near St. Louis, Missouri. She creates a visual record of memory, sentiment and study of her surroundings from a continual wellspring of inspiration. She received early training from her lifelong mentor father, followed by formal training in commercial art. Through an artist’s’ eye and a God-given talent Janet creates imaginative designs that delight. The opportunity to share her gift through art fulfills a childhood dream.

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