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Project Design Team Wednesday~ Crochet Cozy


crochet cozy--simplesimonandcompany

Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters’ in law that blog at Simple Simon and Company. One thing we really love to sew are simple, easy project that are useful and more importantly can be sewn in an afternoon. And today’s project is no exception.

opening shot--crochet cozy--simplesimonandcompany

Here’s the story behind it. I was recently helping my mom clean out her craft room and we kept finding loose crochet hooks around the place… here, one there and quite a few more in her crochet basket. And an idea was born. She was in desperate need of a crochet cozy! I used just under a yard of fabric and it took about 1 hour to make—which is just the kind of sewing I love.

crochet cozy first picture

Here is what you will need if you want to make one….

supplies---crochet cozy


supplies1--crochet cozy

And here are the easy directions…..

step1-crochet cozy real   crochet cozy--step 2 step3-crochet cozy   step 4--crochet cozy   step 5--crochet cozy   step 6-crochet cozy   real step 7-crochet cozy

Here is what a walking foot looks like in case you were wondering. And you might also be wondering if you absolutely need a walking foot to top stitch—and the answer is no. It just makes things a bit easier because of the 3 or 4 layers of fabric that you are sewing through. If you aren’t using a walking foot, I would up your stitch length a bit to help the layers go through your machine a bit easier. step 8-crochet cozy


step9 crochet cozy
step 10-crochet cozy

All you have left is to clip your seams and you are done! And the sparkle cotton looks so pretty up close and in person….it’s darling. step 11-crochet cozy

Also, over at Simple Simon and Company we are spending the month of January in a series that we are calling “What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Sewing,” where we are sharing some tips, tricks and tutorials for beginning and seasoned sewists alike (and having a giant sewing kit giveaway at the end of the month). We’d love for you to join in the fun…… ~Elizabeth


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