James and the Giant Peach Baby Quilt Tutorial

The officially licensed James and the Giant Peach fabric line for Riley Blake Designs is a beautifully illustrated collection featuring iconic artwork and scenes from one of our favorite childhood books of the same name. Introduce a new generation of readers to this fabulous story with quilts, clothing, bags and anything else your imagination can dream up! I fell in love with the panel in this collection, and decided to create a baby quilt around it. The panel measures 24″ x 42″ and features all of the characters gathered around the iconic peach in the tree.

Panels are a fun and easy way to create a quick, eye-catching quilt. Simply build up a border, or multiple borders around the panel until it reaches the finished size you desire. Easy!

With this panel measuring 24″ wide, I decided to add an additional row to each side to build up the width of the quilt. I used a 5″ stacker, which features every print from the James and the Giant Peach collection. The tossed peach print might be my favorite. It really gives the illusion of peaches in motion.

The band of characters at the base of the tree is so fun! Who wouldn’t want to dive into the book to get to know them better after seeing this fabric?

Finished off with a Riley Blake gingham border, this quilt is truly snuggle worthy! To begin this quilt, you will need:

  • 1 James and the Giant Peach Panel
  • James and the Giant Peach 5″ stacker
  • 4 – 4 1/2″ strips Black 1/4″ Riley Blake Gingham
  • 4 – 2 1/2″ x WOF strips Riley Medium Blue Confetti Cotton for binding
  • About 1 1/2 yards fabric for quilt back
  • quilt batting

Start by sewing together 2 strips on 9 squares each from the 5″ stacker. Alternate the prints in any random order you desire. Press seams so they are all facing the same direction.

I had to trim about 1″ from the top and bottom of my panel in order for the two rows of 5″ squares to equal the height of my panel. Lay out your rows and determine if you need to do the same. I so, make sure when you trim from the top and bottom that you leave at least 1/4″ above the artwork so that you don’t lose any of it when you sew your borders. Sew the rows of 5″ stackers to each side of the panel. Press seams toward the panel.

Next, sew a strip of the black and white gingham to each side. Press seams toward the gingham. Trim the ends so they are flush with the quilt top and bottom.

Sew a gingham strip to the top and bottom. Press seams toward the gingham. Trim ends so they are flush with the edge of the quilt top.

I love how the black and white gingham really allows the black sketch outlines to pop!

Make your quilt sandwich (quilt back + batting + quilt top). Baste the quilt using spray basting or large quilter’s safety pins. Quilt any way you like. I used a wavy stitch pattern here, but straight lines would have been nice, or even an all around free form design. For the binding, I used Riley Blake Medium Blue Confetti Cotton. Amy Smart has a great binding TUTORIAL if you are just learning how to quilt. I used Riley Blake Brown Small Dots for the quilt back.

Such a fun baby quilt! Combined with a copy of the James and the Giant Peach book and a peach scented candle, this would make a fabulous gift!

Aren’t those colors gorgeous?

James and the Giant Peach fabrics area available now at local and online quilt shops, so pick up yours today and share your makes with us on Instagram using #rileyblakedesigns, #iloverileyblake, and #fabricismyfun.

Happy Quilting!

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