Lost and Found Halloween Quilt

Hi friends!  It’s Amy from Ameroonie Designs here again to talk Halloween. That’s right! This year, I’m super excited to finally be ahead of at least one holiday. 🙂

When I saw this Lost and Found Halloween fabric I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.  I love all the low volume prints in this collection and I wanted to create a quilt that let them shine. This plus quilt was an improvised solution to that idea.

First I cut out the pluses from the colored fabrics I selected, then using lots and LOTS of math- I filled in the background.  I’m not going to lie- the idea of the quilt was much simpler than the execution of the quilt. 🙂  I wanted it to be random and staggered, but that made for a much more complicated experience than I imagined.

You can see all of the different low volume fabrics I used for the background. I was especially inspired by the newsprint fabric- I think the pieced background gives a similar look. I also love those creepy tiny spiders- they are just fantastic!

Now, to get this quilted and bound before October- I think I have a good shot of getting it done. 🙂

Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get a Christmas quilt done this year too!  I’m feeling hopeful it might really happen.

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