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Nicholas Collection – Modified Liberty Dress

Hi there, it’s Kari from That’s Sew Kari. If you have kids at home, it’s likely there’s a year-long countdown to the most magical day of the year — Christmas! If you ask them, it’s never too early to start planning for the next one. So here we are in the middle of summer, sewing up the twirliest Christmas dress of all.

Nicholas by Janet Wecker Frisch celebrates the Christmas holiday with its traditional colors, holly berries, Christmas trees and holiday postcards and stamps featuring Nicholas. I loved the Christmas trees against the black background and paired it with the red postal stripe and green snow dot texture.

It took me forever to decide on a pattern for my daughter’s Christmas dress. At 11, I know I’m on borrowed time for “cutesy” holiday wear so I kind of wanted to go out with a bang. As I browsed pattern selections, I found Liberty by Little Lizard King. I remember when it released, everyone raved about the “amazing twirl factor” of the full skirt. So naturally, I had to try it out! I started out with 2 1/2 yards of the Tiny Trees and used nearly every last inch. The bottom tier of the skirt is nearly seventeen feet wide!!!

I modified the pattern to be an actual pinafore style instead of just giving the illusion of a pinafore. In the unaltered pattern, you can create this effect by choosing the same fabric for the sleeves and “bib” portion. I, however, didn’t have any white woven fabric, but I did have some knit. I used the Red Postal Stripes and made piping to outline the bodice and I love the added interest it gives it.

Remember those 17 feet I mentioned?! If you’re sewing this dress, undershorts are a must! This is her “tame” twirl. HA! See more pictures and details on my blog.

What will you sew up for the holidays? Grab your yardage of Nicholas at your favorite quilt shop. Happy sewing!

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