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Pattern Folding

Pattern Tip: Fitting Bulky Pattern Pieces Back In The Envelope!


Have you ever finished sewing with a pattern only to find you can’t fit the pieces back into the pattern envelope? Believe it or not, the solution is very simple!


Don’t try to stuff it back into the envelope. You will most likely tear either the pattern pieces, the envelope, or both.


Lay all of your pieces out on a flat surface.


Fold each piece. You don’t have to fold these neatly or try to refold them along original fold lines. Just make sure the folded length and width are smaller than that of the envelope.


Now press the folded pattern piece. I set my iron temperature at a medium heat and just run it very quickly over the tissue paper.


After pressing, it will look flat like this. You can see it looks just as neat and crisp now as when it first came out of the envelope.


Repeat these steps for all of your pattern pieces. Stack them in a neat pile. This process takes only a few minutes.


Now slide them back in the envelope!


Look at that – the entire pattern fit back in the envelope – no problem!

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