Portsmouth – Cap’s Remix

Hi Makers! It’s Lisa Jo of Neverlandstitches back with another project. this time I was fortunate to work with Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter‘s newest collection, Portsmouth. The collection was inspired by the New England, seaside town where her husband grew up.

Although, I don’t live by the sea, I do live in the Great Lake’s State and live near one of the Great Lakes. Cottages and lighthouses are in my DNA. So, the Portsmouth collection, felt like home to me. This time around I decided to do a little remix of my pattern, Cap’s New Shield.

This quilt went on little adventure today, with me to the tea room for brunch. Doesn’t it look pretty and ready for a scone and a cup of tea?

This collection brought back so many memories of going to the cottage of Harsen’s Island, taking my daughter’s senior photos with the St. Joseph light houses in the background, visiting friends up in Port Austin or just driving along Lakeshore Boulevard on a summer afternoon or even today.

If you’s like to make your own version of Cap’s Remix, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop.

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Until next time…I hope you always find something around you that inspires your creativity…

Lisa Jo Girodat

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