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TBT Modern: Crosses and Losses


In this week’s Traditional Block Thursday post, Bonnie showed us how to make this lovely Crosses and Losses quilt block. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind when I saw this….butterflies, wings, Star Wars X-Wing space ships, and bow ties. With such a fun and versatile block, you could change the entire look and feel of your block by carefully selecting meaningful colors and/or prints.


Following Bonnie’s tutorial, I made several different blocks to give you an idea of how color choice alters the look and feel of the block. For the first block, I used just red and white. The use of just one color, red, makes a dramatic impact here.


Adding a second color can bring balance to the block. If I had created an entire quilt only using theorange, it might be a little too bright for some people. Balancing the very energetic orange color with a calming navy blue can tone it down while still creating lots of visual ‘pop.’


Feeling scrappy? If you are working with fabric scraps, you can easily mix it up with multiple colors. This could make a really fun quilt!


And for a completely different look, you could try just using faded, beachy pastels. Perfect for a cool summer evening.

Feeling inspired? Click here for the full tutorial!



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