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Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Using Large Prints in Children’s Wear

I’m liZ (one of the two Elizabeth’s from over at Simple Simon and Company) and I am happy to be here at Riley Blake Designs today.
Recently we have been admiring the large prints that Riley Blake has been coming out with like their amazing line of quatrefoils! (In traditional their colors and in the shimmer!)
Because these fabrics are so terrific we want to the prints themselves to shine in our designs. So today we would like to talk a little bit about how use large prints.
At Simple Simon and Company we love to make dresses and skirts for our little girls…but they are just that, LITTLE girls! Because of their small frames and the scale of these prints we have a 4 basic tips for using large scale prints.#1. Choose a simple pattern.
(Simple as in style…avoid gathers, ruffles, pleats etc….think less is more.)

#2. Center the pattern on you fabric.
(Think of how the print will fall on your pattern and adjust accordingly.)

#3. Be aware of where prints will lie on the body.
(You don’t want any poorly placed blossoms on your chest…or on your crotch….)

#4. Buy a little extra fabric for matching the large print.

And these tips just don’t just for children’s clothing (especially #3) so they are good rules of thumb when using these great prints when creating garments for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to think simple! Think shift dresses and pencil skirts! Let the bold prints shine through your work and you wont regret it!
(We promise!)

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