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2022 Block Challenge – Block 1 Lori Holt

Today is the day!! We are so excited to kick-off our 2022 Block Challenge with a fabulous block pattern by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.

If this is the first time you are hearing of our 2022 Block Challenge, check out the post below for all the information about this sew along.

Block 1 – Daisy Chain by Lori Holt

I designed this block to be a great “stand alone block” and also a block that would go well within a sampler quilt.

What makes it play nicely with others are the squares in the corners that create a chain so that your eye moves to the surrounding blocks within a sampler quilt.

I hope you enjoy making Daisy Chain!

Lori Holt

Lori made this block using her Cook Book and Bee Background Denim Tiny Circles fabrics. Join her on her YouTube Channel this Friday to see her made the 10″ block and give directions for the 20″ version (shown above)!

Isn’t Lori’s block fabulous? Cindy made our block in Confetti Cottons and has a new tutorial on YouTube to walk you through it! Watch below and be sure to tag us in your posts with #RBDblockchallenge!

Confetti Cottons colors used are: Bleached Denim, Cadet, Cornflower, Oxford, & Cloud.

We’ll see you next week for Block #2! Join our community Facebook Group and follow the hashtag #RBDblockchallenge on Instagram to see everyone’s blocks.

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