Cotton Carnival 2014

Cotton Carnivale in Australia



Say hello to FiFi…our host at Cotton Carnivale!

Jess, aka FiFi, was the bell of the party and is Sue’s creative personal assistant.


At Saturday night’s party everyone wore a mask…some masks were provided and some people chose to bring their own.

Miss Piggy decided to attend the masquerade party.

All of our Australian friends were dressed for a fun night.

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Notice in the photo below….even the men wore masks …way to go boys!

DSC00654_JPG_600x600_q85 DSC00652_JPG_600x600_q85 DSC00669_JPG_600x600_q85

It was really a fun night that we will all remember!


Here is a picture of all of our instructors for Cotton Carnivale.

And we did actually have classes during the day.

Sue taught her English paper piecing class. I loved sitting in on each class and visiting with all of Sue’s guests.(We loved visting with…Deanne of Fabric Pixie, Kylie of Voodoo Rabbit and so many more people….


Monica of Moonshine Design taught how to make a little girl’s reversible dress. She also displayed her block of the month quilt made out of Riley Blake Fabric featured in Homespun magazine.

(Also say Hi to Claudia of Eco fabrics on the left of Monica)


“Happiness” is a gorgeous quilt made out of Simply Sweet fabric and RB basics.


Sue Daley and her crew cut over 500 kits for this program.

Zoe Clifton makes so many nice quilts out of Riley Blake fabrics.


And she taught this table runner featured above…Sorry the picture is blurry. Below is a better picture of Zoe showing off a fairly new quilt made out of Twice as Nice fabric.


Natalie of Cinderberry stitches is so sweet. She designs enchanting fabric for Riley Blake and also has amazing embroidery patterns. She taught a class in embroidery.  These two ladies sitting with Natalie-Natalie is in the middle- are a mother and daughter team have a small shop called Coolah Country Patchwork (located in Coolah).


Not a great picture I know…but see how cute her embroidery items are.


Melanie of Melly and Me patterns (sorry another blurry picture) is also a fabric designer for Riley Blake and she taught how to make a fox softie.  She is amazing and we just love everything she does.



Well that is a lot of pictures…and I only shared the highlights.  We did have an incredible time meeting new people and visiting with old friends. Sue planned an informative and fun filled event for the shop owners of Australia.



But I almost forgot to mention how much I love Australia’s tradition of morning and afternoon tea! A hot beverage which usually includes a sweet…count me in.    This is a scone (a biscuit in America, but not the crumbly kind we usually eat) This was really heaven served with cream and jam.  I think I am coming home 10 lbs heavier.


I had a couple more pictures not related to CC. I went to an outdoor market early Saturday morning and to my sweet surprise Di of Lily and Jordan featured almost all Riley Blake fabric dresses in her shop.


Di says her neon chevron hot pink shorts are a big seller!

Well that is a wrap for Cotton Carnivale.  What can I say other than we had a perfect trip.

Here are a few new Australian phrases I learned…..

“I am flat out like a lizard drinking.” Translation: I am really busy.

“I am up the river in a barbed wire boat.”  Translation: I am in big trouble.

“Don’t be a sticky beak.” Translation.  Don’t put your nose in other people’s business.

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