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Fleur Noire – Casa Grande Quilt

Hi! It’s Jen Belnap from The Smitten Chicken. I am so excited to share this project with you today! When I saw My Mind’s Eye’s latest fabric collection, I was SMITTEN!!! And I knew the perfect project to showcase this amazing black and white fabric line.

Fleur Noire Fabric (pic from RBD)

I designed a NEW quilt pattern that showcased at Garden of Quilts!!! I taught this as a class at Garden of Quilts. My students were the first to see this! Casa Grande is based on my very first pattern Home Quilt. But this is supersized! Don’t tell the OG, but I think this is my new favorite! You can find it in my Etsy shop!

Casa Grande Quilt

I wanted to show the process of making this quilt. It is sew much fun! If you watch carefully, what I call the ‘pressing dream team’ make an appearance. I use the Oliso iron plus the Riley Blake Designs clapper for the best results. The Oliso iron gets super hot and then the Riley Blake Designs Clapper sets the seam. My blocks lay super FLAT! If you haven’t given this duo a try, check it out! And stayed tuned to the end of the video where a cute little model makes an appearance!

The making of Casa Grande (with a cute little model)

I love the farmhouse style (thanks to years of watching Fixer Upper) and wanted to design a quilt featuring that style…yay for black and white!! I went one step further and designed a sticker to go with this quilt too! You can find it in my Etsy shop.

Home Sticker

I also designed a pin to match the quilt too! I LOVE pins and have a bit of a collection. I sold both the stickers and pins at Garden of Quilts. Now you can find them in my Etsy shop if you missed out!

Home Pin

With 6 kids, I don’t have a ton of time to quilt. This quilt features big blocks which means this quilt comes together super fast! It is one of my new favorites! This quilt will match perfectly with my new house and all the farmhouse decor I keep adding!

Casa Grande Quilt

One more sneak peek of this quilt. I had to finish binding it in the hotel at Garden of Quilts. Long story short, I sent my quilt to my longarm friend Kenzy at Sewing Corals right before Garden of Quilts. I picked it up when I arrived in Utah and had a late night binding party! Anyone else ever bound a quilt in a hotel???

Late night binding party!

Thanks for following along today! If you would like to see more of what I am up to, you can follow me on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and subscribe to my YouTube Channel! And don’t forget to grab this quilt pattern!

Chirp Out!


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