Colgne trip

More fun from Cologne


Who doesn’t want a car covered in a yarn wrap.

I wanted to show a few more photos from the h + h show in Cologne, because there was so much eye candy.

Check out the yarn fashions made for the runway.


As I mentioned last year, wool and yarn are a big part of the crafting industry in Europe.
This women is felting wool to create a little Nemo fish. Also, check out her handmade wool collar.
We met so many nice people that love to sew and craft.
One of those people we actually were able to meet in her shop (in Salzburg, Austria) before the show.
Sardaana Henke creates beautiful bags out of fabric.
We noticed this little fabric flower in the corner of her shop. This was Amanda’s flower she taught last year in Cologne.
It was our first time to Salzburg and first time to Austria.
Salzburg is the birth place of Mozart.
And where many of the scene’s from the Sound of Music were filmed. This is the church that Maria was married in, beautiful.
Marbella Gardens is where the Von Trapp children sang in the movie. Now that is a wrap for the Cologne show and our trip to Europe. If you want to see a video recap of the Cologne show. Click here. Amanda and I were included towards the end. There is a quick shot of us at the Swafing booth making our pincushion flower. Have a great weekend everyone!

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