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Pencil Skirt Tutorial

Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Skirting the Issue

knit skirt tutorial

Every July and August at Simple Simon and Company, we hold a charity event called Skirting the Issue. It is where we spend a month sewing skirts for girls in foster care to have a bit of handmade love just in time to go back to sew. I have been making knit skirts like crazy for a lot of the teen sizes that are much needed, and thought I would put up an easy knit pencil skirt tutorial to share with you today. I love to make these and have been living in them all summer for two reasons….they are a cinch to make and they are as comfortable as wearing yoga pants or pajama pants…but are a bit more acceptable in public 😉 Here is what you need to make one.

skirt materials

Here’s what you do: Fold your fabric in half. You should have a center fold line in your fabric. Measure you waist and divide that number by 4. Mark that as a horizontal waistline on your FOLDED knit fabric. Measure your hips and divide that number by 4. Mark that as a horizontal hip line onto your FOLDED fabric. Measure from your waist to your knees. Put that line (measuring vertically) down from the waistline like shown below.

step 2 copy

Now you are ready to cut out your skirt front. Cut out one more for your skirt back. You should have 2 skirt pieces—1 front and 1 back both cut on the fold.

sew side seams


sew waistband

hem skirt

Now put your skirt on and admire your work!

knit pencil skirt-end shot

We have lots more skirt tutorials over at Simple Simon and Company that are just as easy to make! Head HERE to see more. ~Elizabeth and Liz

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