TBT Modern: Ohio Star


I am pretty crazy about today’s TBT Modern quilt block! Today, Bonnie is showing us how to make the Ohio Star (just one of it’s many names).


As I started looking at the block, along with the alternate ideas at the end of the post, I realized how versatile this block could be.


Bonnie shows us a lovely traditional version using just two fabrics from the Penny Rose Isabella collection. I loved her images at the end showing options for multiple colors, so I opted to make two versions.


The first version features Tea Dye, Teddy Bear, Seafoam and Clean White for a neutral, soothing color palette. I love the rocky mountains, but being a California transplant, I have been daydreaming of the beach lately.


Evidently these daydreams have carried over into my work, so I’m calling this block “Sand and Sea.” It doesn’t have anything to do with the star theme, but it makes me happy!


This next block is so fun I can hardly stand it! I can imagine these bright colors in a full quilt – my daughter would LOVE this!


What’s so interesting about this scrappy version is that, like an optical illusion, the design changes depending on how you look at it.


You can focus on the solid squares, which create a pleasing checkerboard pattern, or you can focus on the little hourglass shapes, or on the lovely multi-colored star. If you kept all of the solid squares one color, or even just white, that multi-colored star would POP!

Beautiful! Thanks, Bonnie for another great tutorial!


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