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Paper Dolls

RBD Post Quilt Market Blog Tour: Sibling Arts Studio + GIVEAWAY!

Today is the last stop on our Post Quilt Market Blog Tour and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you Sherri of Sibling Arts Studio, designer of the beloved Paper Dolls collections. Paper Dolls Bakery, their debut collection for Penny Rose Fabrics, is expected to arrive in stores this month. We can’t wait!

Also, be sure to enter our giveaway at the end of this post!

Hello to all of you who played with Paper Dolls as children, creative paper doll designers that we’ve met; or maybe you are relatively new to cutting out Dolls and clothes like myself!

My name is Sheryl, but my friends call me Sherri. I am the eldest of three sisters who opened up a little shop in Portland, Oregon — Sibling Arts Studio. Each of us has had something unique and different to share, along with my eldest daughter, Olivia. We are primarily an online business, though we do have a cute little brick and mortar shop open by appointment if you happen to be visiting Portland.

In 2007, I inherited one of our Great Aunt Lindy’s scrapbooks.


I fell in love with the paper dolls she had carefully cut and pasted in her book!  The time frame for these Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls started in 1913 – now just over 100 years old.


I tried using my printer along with fabric to make paper doll blocks for quilts. It was not very effective. So while at a local vendor show I asked a gentlemen that at the time was working with designers, how could I do this on the computer. He said “let’s do them for you”. We loved them on fabric…. and I have enjoyed so many visits with ladies with delightful paper doll stories to share. So shortly after, I went about collecting more originals, preferring full, un-cut sheets if I could find them.


We hope you love our newest “Paper Dolls Bakery”. We are thrilled with the look of them! There are projects and ideas for quilts, wall hangings, big stuff-able dolls, or just paper dolls that can be made into refrigerator magnets.

In the past we have heard about groups who do projects for nursing care facilities making sets of the dolls with gift boxes for the residents. While visiting a nursing home a few years back, I watched an Alzheimer’s patient play with her set, smiling quietly the whole while with only one doll and a dress. It was endearing to watch… There was another across the room telling her to “get to work, this is no time to play.” She ignored her. Rightly so, I think.  😉

In the near future there will be quick YouTube videos with ideas for embellishing and how to use the fabric. I am currently working on a Bakery carrying case with spoons, spatula, apron, hat, a pocket for Dollies that are refrigerator magnets, and a pocket for recipe cards.  Simple to make and a great gift for children.
We love hearing about your ideas! If you have photos of things you would like to share that we can put on our Facebook page to share with others, please let us know. I personally love to see all the fun creative ideas that people come up with; just like I enjoy old paper doll stories!
**Thank you Sherri for that fantastic introduction! We can’t wait to get our hands on this fabric!


These sweet 16″ cloth dolls come pre-printed on a fabric panel, ready for you to cut, sew and stuff!


As a thank you for following our blog tour, we are giving away these lovely button necklaces to 5 lucky winners!


The necklaces are handmade by Shannon, the daughter of designer Sue Daley and are just GORGEOUS! To enter, all you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter app below.

*We LOVE your blog comments, but these don’t count for the contest … You’ve got to enter through the Rafflecopter. THANKS!

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