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Little Joys Mini Quilt

Oh hello there! It’s Tina from Christmas headquarters at the Emily Ann’s Kloset workshop. As a “maker”, I have found over the years that if you work on your seasonal projects throughout the year instead of waiting for the last minute, you free up a little more time for yourself and your family. So today,…

Grand Old Flag Quilt Tutorial

With local celebrations, family gatherings, barbeques and fireworks filling the month of July, this beautiful quilt is the perfect reminder of what it’s all about! This is the perfect quilt for wrapping around yourself on cool summer evenings, and it’s twin size is just right for any kid; from a small child to a big-shot…

Cathedral ornament

Cathedral Window Christmas Ornament

Fabric & Supplies: 2 – 7″ fabric squares of contrasting fabrics (this tutorial features fabrics from the Penny Rose Civil War Miniatures Collection) 1/2″ Button Matching Thread 8″ Ribbon 1. Cut 6″ circles from the 2 fabric squares. I used the Riley Blake Medium Circle Template. 2. With right sides together, stitch 1/4″ around circle,…