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Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Youth Infinity Scarves

I’m so excited to be sharing inspiration for Youth Infinity Scarves today! I’m Jamie from The Crafting Chicks. We love Riley Blake Designs…the fabric & the people. We love being a part of their design team.



I could not wait to make something using their adorable striped knit material. My little girls and nieces are loving fashion scarves right now…especially in this winter season. I made the cutest infinity scarves. I’m not lying when I say they literally took 15 minutes! I can’t believe how adorable they turned out…these are my beautiful nieces modeling them!


First, cut your material. You will need two strips of knit fabric. 10 in x 56 inch (for a wider scarf) and 6 in x 56 in (for a thinner scarf-better for smaller girls).

Next, place the right sides together and pin along the edges. You will now sew along both long edges making a 1/2 seam.

This is the next part…a little tricky but after doing one you will think it is so easy! Start turning right side out…but stop when the ends of the tubes meet…this should make it so that the right sides are together. Then for the trick, (to add a fun twist in the scarf) twist the inside tube part just a bit. Now you can sew up the tube part using a 1/2 inch seam.

Leave about a 2 inch opening so you can pull the scarf right side out. After you pull it right side out, sew up the 2 inch opening by hand or machine.


My Tween niece loved the navy and pink thick stripe! Little fashionista!


The mini stripe is perfect for 5-10 year olds! These scarves were a hit!

Thanks for letting me share with you today!

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